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Welcome Parenting Paths

I'm Aki, and I'm here to support you on your parenting journey.

I became a parent coach because I believe in the transformative power of parenting. Science tells us that children who grow up with connection, validation and healthy boundaries develop into happier, healthier humans. As an early childhood specialist, certified positive parenting educator, and Infant Mental Health Specialist, I will teach you personalized strategies that you can start using to right away. You can create more peaceful, fun, and family life!

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Jay G

"Aki has this incredible skill of showing you a new way to do something without making you feel like a failure for your old approach. She is flexible and collaborative, and really worked with us to find
solutions that would fit *our* family. Nothing was “off the shelf”. With her, we’ve been able to find the best way for us and our children, She honestly helped restore a lot of balance in our lives!"

Elizabeth G

"Aki brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. If you are thinking about consulting a parenting coach, you may be having thoughts like “what if I reveal myself as a total failure as a parent?” or “what if my family’s problem isn’t ‘coachable’?” or “what if I’m the only one who feels this way?” Rest assured, Aki has such a gentle and compassionate approach, those thoughts will disappear immediately. She delves into the heart of issues, brings up tough questions, and helps develop realistic solutions. Aki will not tell you how to parent. She will be your support on a journey to becoming the parent you want to be."

Linda P

“Aki shared examples of how to utilize new parenting tools and scientific research to support her recommendations. Aki is non-judgmental, compassionate, very experienced in child development
and family dynamics.”
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