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Laurel G

Can’t recommend her enough- so much of the challenges we faced with our kids was not with them, but with us! She gave us alternatives and helped us both become better, calmer parents. There are still situations that are tough, but we have much more appropriate tools to deal with them now, and I often find myself channeling my “inner Aki”. Bottom line- if you are struggling with parenting or looking for support, she is an amazing guide."

Marwa F

"In a 40 min session with Aki, she totally opened my eyes to new ideas. Even though I claimed to know most of the tools, Aki helped me to customize them based on my child's personality, which was really eye opening. So far I implemented two of the strategies we came up in the session, and my son thrived on them. One of them was about filling my 3.5 year old son's power bucket with the "NO game", Aki suggested that since he's all about control, I can help him by giving him more chances to say "No", and she was right! My son loved it and cracked every time we played this game and asked to do it more, but the most important thing, that it made him more cooperative with us when he had to say "Yes". I'm looking forward to more sessions with Aki, to achieve our family goals and strengthen our connection.”


Alicia D

“Right away I loved her energy. She is friendly and enthusiastic about parenting and all that comes with it, which is so necessary in the face of the challenges that come up. I was impressed with both her knowledge and her totally impartial attitude, giving us mamas all the room in the world to make the choices we wanted to make.”
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