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About Aki Raymer, MA

By time that my daughter was born in 2004,  I had many years of experience working with children.  I was sure that I’d be a great parent. I assumed that parenting would be effortless, that my instinct would guide me, and that I'd just "know" how to parent a perfectly behaved, delightfully happy child... all without losing myself in the process. 

I was wrong.

I did “the work” and read endless stacks of parenting books, talked to friends, and went to workshops. Instead of getting more cued into my own intuition and values, I found myself more confused than ever.

My questions went unanswered:

  • How can I avoid making the same mistakes that my own parents made with me?

  • How do I connect with my co-parent, create a shared vision for our family, and parent in true partnership?

  • How can I respond to my child’s challenging behaviors in a way that encourages connection and skill-building instead of punishment and shame?

  • What EXACTLY should I say and do to shift the mood without nagging, yelling, or losing my patience?

  • How can I retain my identity as an individual, even as I balance the demands of parenthood, relationships, and work?

I wanted to explore my own Parenting Path. A path that made space for who I was before kids and incorporated those strengths and passions into my life as a parent. I grew up a "third culture kid" so I'd seen that there is not just one right way top parent. I wanted to take the beautiful lessons that I’d learned from my collectivist Japanese side and balance them with the independent thinking that I was encouraged to develop from my American side. I didn’t want generic parenting strategies designed to “fix” children, I wanted to understand exactly how to teach, guide and support the child that I had. 

I was pretty sure that I wasn’t the only one.

I went back to school for a Master’s Degree in Infant Mental Health and learned about the brain-heart connection. I studied the importance of early relationships, the best ways to support healthy emotional regulation, and the ways that different cultures successfully raise children to fit the definition of success in their communities. After graduation, I studies Positive Parenting and became a certified Positive Discipline Educator. 

I applied these findings to my own journey as a parent, and have had the immense joy of guiding other caregivers along their own journeys. 

Whether you are expecting your first child and want to set a strong foundation, or you are a seasoned parent who wants more tools for your toolbox, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. I’m passionate about supporting all kinds of families!

You can get the support and strategies you need to build the peaceful, loving family life that you want.

I’d love to show you how!


Click below to book a free introductory call. 


J Williams

“Aki met with us each Friday to listen to our concerns and to outline some parenting tools that might help us be better parents. She listened and related to our struggles and offered suggestions, many of which I taped to the fridge and referred to during trying exchanges with our kids. She made herself available between meetings to address concerns. Most importantly, Aki took seriously the art of parenting and understands both how trying and rewarding it can be.”   

Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."

Lexy K

"We love you Aki!! With our now 5 year old, it's been amazing to watch her sort out and grow into the big, big feelings she is prone to. Just tonight she had an outburst, which is becoming more rare, and we were able to go through the process together in a way that built up her trust in me, and my own trust in myself as a mom.

Lisa Driver, MI

We really enjoyed our time with you and feel that it was enormously helpful. Someone should make you an Aki-wan avatar…What color would your light saber be I wonder?"
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